Saddened by yet another shooting

3 Dec

I hate to say this, but it seems that the reality of current American culture is a culture of fear and violence.  I do realize that the world has a history of violence, but one would think that in this modern world that we live in, people are simply more sophisticated.

And for the most part, I think this is true (that the majority is sophisticated).  But, there will always be the violent minority (or perhaps a more accurate description is a micro-fraction).  Those few who would rather pick up a weapon with destruction on their minds, than extend a hand of negotiation.

I am an eternal optimist.  I see a future and a world of less chaos, more prosperity.  I believe we find ourselves at a time of transformation; we are in the process of letting go of of older ways.  I just hope the future is a healthier place, and that we are ready for it.

But tonight, my heart and prayers go out to the many victims, and their families, of this latest tragedy.

– Allen Arseneau


Learn more about Allen Arseneau, and his adventures as a Big Brother in Boston, that is, a mentor to a little boy in need.
Learn more about Allen.


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